Königstraße 80, Stuttgart


Königstraße 80, Stuttgart


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What is important for you as an owner

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What are the requirements for you to manage my property(ies)?

First and foremost, there is the personal component between you and us – if this is right, the cooperation will also be crowned almost exclusively by success and mutual trust. The house itself should also be of an appropriate size or generate an appropriate return, so that the cooperation also makes sense for both sides. Either way, we look forward to getting to know you – please feel free to inquire at any time without obligation.

What documents do you need for a quotation?

To prepare an offer for your properties, we need the address/area of the properties, the number of units and the approximate rental income. The best way to discuss this is during an initial get-to-know-you meeting. Feel free to call or write us a message at any time – we will be happy to call you back.

How long are the contract terms with Maile Hausverwaltung?

Our management contracts can be terminated by either party with a notice period of three months to the end of each quarter. Many property management companies rely on long-term contracts here – we like to differ from this somewhat. We want to work with you and are very happy if you are satisfied with us and we maintain this partnership for many years and decades. Nevertheless, we would also like to give you the freedom to look for a new property manager at any time – because it has to be a good fit for you and for us – only in this way will both sides benefit from a long-term, successful partnership.

How much does the management of my property(ies) by Maile Hausverwaltung cost?

The management fee depends on the condition of a house and its letting or rental income. The management fee rate is calculated as a percentage of the rent or is set at a flat rate. Every house is different – and so is the management and the management fee. The most important thing is that it must make sense for both sides. We will be happy to make you a non-binding offer.

Which regions does Maile Hausverwaltung cover?

We are basically active in the entire southern German region and manage properties especially on the Stuttgart-Ulm-Augsburg-Munich axis. However, the northern Black Forest and Rems-Murr district are also part of our catchment area. The focus is on the greater Stuttgart area, where we were founded in 1925 and still manage most of our properties today.

Why doesn't Maile Hausverwaltung do condominium management?

Many years ago, Maile Hausverwaltung decided against managing condominium owners’ associations (WEGs) and specialised exclusively in managing apartment and commercial buildings. The reason for this was in particular that we would like to look after the properties as if they were our own. Unfortunately, in many WEGs, individual circumstances do not allow this approach – which is why we have focused entirely on the management of apartment and commercial buildings.

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What distinguishes Maile Hausverwaltung from conventional property management companies?

First of all, we do not see ourselves as administrators, but as comprehensive caretakers and custodians of a property – and we have been doing so since 1925. Every property we look after is close to our hearts and is treated like our personal property. In addition, we are known for our above-average relationships with landlords and tenants and place a lot of value on joint solutions. Certainly, another unique selling point is how we revitalise properties and the individual attention we give to each renovation and redevelopment. Here, not only the owner benefits from efficiency, cost savings and experience, but also the value of the property in the long term.

As a property management company, do you also look after listed (monument preservation) properties?

Yes, we have many listed properties in our portfolio and are therefore well acquainted with the special circumstances and procedures of the monument protection and monument preservation authority. In addition, we have always tried to preserve and redevelop old buildings, if possible and sensible, in order to keep these houses in an appropriate condition.

What other services does Maile Hausverwaltung offer?

In addition to all tasks related to the management of our properties (see also “Porperty management“), we are a reliable partner in the following areas:

  • Develeopment, renovation
  • Construction management
  • Preparation of energy certificates
  • Real estate valuation
  • Real estate rentals
  • Real estate sales
  • Cleaning service
  • Garden maintenance


Do I have a personal contact person?

Yes, each owner has their own personal contact person.

In which districts of Stuttgart do you manage your houses?

The Stuttgart properties are scattered across all districts of Stuttgart. Many of our buildings are within direct reach of our centrally located office at Königstraße 80. This includes the districts of Stuttgart-Mitte, Stuttgart-Süd and Stuttgart-West as well as, of course, the areas of Stuttgart-Ost and Stuttgart-Nord.

In addition, we are happy to work in:



Districts: Muckensturm, Schmidener Vorstadt, Espan, Kurpark, Cannstatt-Mitte, Seelberg, Winterhalde, Wasen, Veielbrunnen, Im Geiger, Neckarvorstadt, Pragstraße, Altenburg, Hallschlag, Birkenäcker, Burgholzhof, Sommerrain und Steinhaldenfeld



Districts: Birkach-Nord, Birkach-Süd und Schönberg



Districts: Botnang-Nord, Botnang-Ost, Botnang-Süd und Botnang-West



Districts: Degerloch, Haigst, Hoffeld, Tränke und Waldau



Districts: Feuerbach-Ost, Siegelberg, Bahnhof Feuerbach, Feuerbach-Mitte, Lemberg/Föhrich, Hohe Warte, Feuerbacher Tal und An der Burg



Districts: Hedelfingen, Hafen, Lederberg und Rohracker



Districts: Möhringen-Nord, Möhringen-Mitte, Wallgraben-Ost, Möhringen-Süd, Möhringen-Ost, Sternhäule, Fasanenhof-Ost, Fasanenhof und Sonnenberg



Districts: Mühlhausen, Freiberg, Mönchfeld, Hofen und Neugereut



District: Münster



Districts: Obertürkheim und Uhlbach



Districts: Plieningen, Chausseefeld, Steckfeld, Asemwald und Hohenheim



Districts: Sillenbuch, Heumaden und Riedenberg



Districts: Stammheim-Süd und Stammheim-Mitte



Districts: Oberer Schlossgarten, Muckensturm, Rathaus, Neue Vorstadt, Universität, Europaviertel, Hauptbahnhof, Kernerviertel, Diemershalde, Dobel und Heusteigviertel



Districts: Relenberg, Lenzhalde, Am Bismarckturm, Killesberg, Weißenhof, Nordbahnhof, Am Pragfriedhof, Am Rosensteinpark, Auf der Prag, Mönchhalde und Heilbronner Straße



Districts: Gänsheide, Uhlandshöhe, Stöckach, Berg, Ostheim, Gaisburg, Gablenberg und Frauenkopf



Districts: Bopser, Lehen, Weinsteige, Karlshöhe, Heslach, Südheim und Kaltental



Districts: Kräherwald, Hölderlinplatz, Rosenberg, Feuersee, Rotebühl, Vogelsang, Hasenberg, Wildpark und Solitude



Districts: Gehrenwald, Flohberg, Untertürkheim, Benzviertel, Lindenschulviertel, Bruckwiesen, Luginsland und Rotenberg



Districts: Vaihingen-Mitte, Österfeld, Höhenrand, Wallgraben-West, Rosental, Heerstraße, Lauchäcker, Dachswald, Pfaffenwald, Büsnau, Rohr und Dürrlewang



District: Wangen



Districts: Weilimdorf, Weilimdorf-Nord, Bergheim, Giebel, Hausen und Wolfbusch



Districts: Zuffenhausen-Am Stadtpark, Zuffenhausen-Schützenbühl, Zuffenhausen-Elbelen, Zuffenhausen-Frauensteg, Zuffenhausen-Mitte, Zuffenhausen-Hohenstein, Zuffenhausen-Mönchsberg, Zuffenhausen-Im Raiser, Neuwirtshaus, Rot und Zazenhausen


Questions and answers for tenants of Maile Hausverwaltung

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I have a problem in my flat - can you help me?

Of course, we will be happy to help you. It is best to contact us directly by e-mail – if possible, with a detailed description of the problem and pictures on which we can directly recognise and understand the problem. We will then immediately take care of solving the issue. Depending on the nature of the problem, we will be happy to visit you personally or, if necessary, we will commission a suitable craftsman who will be happy to take care of your matter.

I am looking for a new flat - can you help me?

The contact for questions regarding rental flats is Maile Immobilien, which you can find at www.immobilien-stuttgart.com. Here you can conveniently place your search criteria and contact details via the contact form.

What is the best way to reach you?

The best way to reach us is by e-mail. Here we are available for you all day. Each request is directly assigned a unique activity number under which your request is processed and which enables us to automatically assign your request. In urgent cases, you can and should reach us by phone.

Can I hire craftsmen myself and will the costs be covered by you?

In general, unfortunately, no costs of self-requested repairs can be covered by us. There are certainly rare exceptions (e.g. water damage at Christmas), but the general rule is: report your concern to us and we will be happy to take care of it immediately.

What do I have to consider when terminating my flat?

If you want to terminate your flat, you should pay particular attention to the three-month notice period. This means that the notice of termination must be received by the third working day of a month in order for this month to still count towards the deadline. And importantly: The notice of termination must be in writing and must be signed by all persons who are also included in the tenancy agreement – otherwise the notice of termination is invalid.

Once you have completed the first step, you will receive a confirmation of termination for your records. From now on, it is important to prepare for moving out and to carry out any contractually agreed renovation or repair work. Contact us at any time – we will be happy to help you with this process.

You have another question?

Not found the right one? Feel free to ask us your question and take advantage of our free advice.